What is The Use of Drinking Lemon and Water On an Empty Stomach?

We all know that being well hydrated is fundamental for the proper functioning of the human body, however many of us do not practice it regularly but if we knew all the benefits that this habit brings us we would never stop practicing it.

At this time most people have a very hectic life where you barely have enough time to do your daily tasks, so we leave aside “simple” things like drinking water or relaxing for a while, plus we have bad practices like replacing water with coffee or soft drinks as long as they give us a shot of energy and we can keep up with our activities.

What we do not know is that water gives us more and better energy than other types of drinks, especially in the long term, and by consuming enough water daily our body is revitalized, giving us greater productivity in our daily lives and drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach further strengthens our hydration process.

lemon water

Here’s How it Works

You have to squeeze a whole or half lemon daily into your glass of water, the water should be at the same time, you can drink it warm if you want it to give you a relaxing effect but what is recommended for the day is that it be at room temperature, if the taste seems very acidic you can sweeten it with stevia or honey but in small quantities and not daily. If you are not used to drinking water in the mornings we recommend that you drink your water with lemon in a small glass and then increase the amount until you feel comfortable with a glass of approximately 400ml.

The reason for taking it on an empty stomach is because your body needs to detoxify itself naturally every day and since you have not eaten any type of food, the lemon water will be the first thing to enter your stomach facilitating the process of eliminating the toxins from the previous night and alkalinizing your body, that’s right, even though lemon is acidic when it enters your system it alkalinizes your pH, which has many benefits for your health.

Let’s look at all the pros that this simple practice produces in your body, making it clear every day:

  • Helps your liver’s good health
  • Prevents diseases of the respiratory system thanks to the vitamin C that lemon provides
  • Improve your cardiovascular activity
  • Improves the appearance of your skin noticeably, especially wrinkles and blemishes
  • Helps to have better vision
  • Regulate your fat levels
  • Makes your digestive system work better
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Increases your brain function
  • By regulating your PH improves your breath
  • Increase your daily energy
  • Reduces inflammation in the joints

This habit is so simple that you will not be able to stop doing it, and you can start noticing results after two weeks of taking it, incredible that something so easy has so many benefits truth? but do not be confident, you will not lose weight or improve your health 100% just to create this habit, it is necessary to supplement it with daily training, at least half an hour and a healthy diet, if you change habits we ensure that your energy and attitude toward life will improve significantly and faster than you think.

Start little by little and the more healthy practices you have, the more grateful your body will be to you, BUY IT!

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