Sweets are not always the cause of weight gain

It is possible to lose weight and enjoy your favorite sweets. You can consume some sweets if combined with a healthy diet and still lose weight. The key is understanding how and when we can eat them. In this article, we will learn just that and some additional weight loss secrets.

Do you crave sweets constantly? Then your goal should not be completely eliminating them from your diet because if we do just that, we will become anxious and desperate. This feeling of desperation will lead to make more bad choices and eating things that promote weight gain. The key is moderation, by limiting the amount we eat, little by little.

There is a myth that those who have a sweet tooth are at a greater risk of gaining weight. But the truth is that many of the salty savory items that we often enjoy are high in calories, such as cold cuts and sausages, potato chips and hotdogs. On the other hand, there are quite of few sweet items that are healthy such as fresh fruit. Going back to the salty items, the reality is many of them taste so good because they have hidden ingredients such as sweeteners and other types of sugar. Even though we can’t taste them in these items, they can have a damaging effect on our waistline.

There is no need to give up sweets

There is no need to give up sweets, as they can be enjoyed early mornings by changing the type of sweets you would usually choose. For a sweet tooth lover, instead of the buttery sweet pastry, change it for a plain yogurt sweetened with honey or a tablespoon of dark chocolate pieces. Switching up your sweets for a healthy choice is not only a delicious sweet treat but has many health benefits.

Imagine you are drinking coffee or tea, throughout the day, maybe 2 to 4 cups. Each cup has about 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar. That can quickly add up to a lot of sugar. Make the goal to drink your tea and coffee plain, with no added sweeteners. Does that sound impossible? If so, slowly cut back the amount of sugar you use in each cup, instead of 2 teaspoons, cut back to one teaspoon and by the end of two weeks you will have completely eliminated the need to add any sugar. If you can’t drink your tea without a sweetener, choose a natural sweetener that contains no calories. They can easily be found at your supermarket.

Many studies have proven that we eat more cookies, chocolates, etc. if we can easily see them. There is no need to stop buying them, but if we do make sure to store them inside of an airtight container that isn’t transparent. It should have a tight lid and place it on one of the higher shelves, out of reach. By doing this, we promise you that you will eat less.

The ratio of sugar that an average adult eats today is way above the daily nutritional needs. That is why it commonly affects our weight and health. For this reason, we need to pay close attention to the ingredient labels on the food we purchase. It is recommended to eat no more than 30 to 40 grams of sugar daily and a can of soda can quickly cover those needs. The daily quantity of sugar is not just table sugar, it includes all types of sugars even those found in dairy products and fruits.

We need to make gradual changes in our eating habits, especially by attempting to lower the amount of sugar we consume.  We need a certain amount of sugar for our brain to function correctly, but it needs it from healthy sources. Also, our body needs sugar to function too but it can acquire the sugar it needs from eating complex carbohydrates such as fruits, whole grain breads and cereals. It is of upmost importance that we make healthy choices and eat balanced. Remember that 30 grams of sugar from a cookie is not the same as 30 grams of sugar from eating fresh fruit.

Also, much caution is needed with these so-called light products. They might have fewer calories than their original product but the nutritional composition has been drastically altered. It might have less fat than the original product but now it has more sugar or sodium and if you look closely, the caloric intake is not that different from the original. It is still a high-caloric product, but you are fooled by the “light” label thinking that it means you can eat more and not gain weight.

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