Pilates helped Kate Hudson and they can do the same for you

pilates benefits

The talented actress Kate Hudson knows the importance of having a gorgeous body from the moment she stepped into the Hollywood limelight over two decades ago. She is the daughter of beautiful actress Goldie Hawn but Kate made a name for herself by acting in some of the top movies such as Almost Famous and Nine, among many others. If you are eager to learn some of her secrets for success and how have a perfect body like hers, then all you need to do is follow her profile on Instagram.

There is no secret to Kate’s flawlessly sculpted body and staying in shape: Pilates. This physical activity has become one of the most loved forms of exercise, as it has conquered the hearts of gym enthusiasts worldwide. Pilates is the perfect exercise routine for those who love to workout but want to avoid the competitive side of traditional sports and are not interested in weight lifting.

All you need is a mat and a few extra accessories. Anyone, including Kate, can do Pilates. Pilates helps to improve your flexibility, posture, realigning the spine, hips and neck, plus it improves your breathing.

While doing Pilates at a gym class, the instructor will observe your body to make sure that you doing the positions correctly and they will recommend new exercises using light weights, elastic belts and a variety of other items. A recent video of Kate on Instagram, showed her lifting a bottle of pink chardonnay over her head, while her instructor was drinking a glass of wine causing this video to go viral. It also is proof that you can do Pilates in almost any place or location and using a wide variety of items. There is no excuse to say you can’t do Pilates, as it doesn’t break your pocket book, take too much time or is stressful.

The inventor of Pilates was the inspiring Joseph Pilates who desired that his exercises help to expand and open the mind by learning to control your body, just as with Yoga, which would allow you to do amazing things with your body. It is interesting to note that even though it is not an extenuating exercise, it works you body similar to how weight lifting does but by using your body weight. Pilates helps to tone your entire body and giving a perfect abdomen and it has been said that it gives the best results when compared with other common exercise routines.

Why is this? It is due to that fact of being able to localize certain muscles in order to work them and it is not challenging, plus it helps to lower your daily stress levels and do things that previously you thought were impossible. The truth is you can do Pilates throughout the day, without even noticing, for example even laying out the mat for you Pilates routine can be part of your exercise.

But don’t go fooling yourself in thinking that it is easy to do the same exercises that faithful followers of Pilates have been doing for years. In one of Kate’s videos, she doesn’t hold back from grunting in agony while performing some type of plank formation but with her head held high in the air and at same time holding her body erect in the air only by her toes. The purpose of this exercise is a clear challenge for the body’s entire muscles. Working her legs and gluts, her feet will be stronger, as well as the abdominal area will be well worked and the arms will be reinforced from withholding your body’s weight.

Kate, who is now 38 years old, has been practicing Pilates since she was 19 years old and she finds it to be the best exercise for her body, because she sees results. The hashtag #pilateslover is ubiquitous on almost all of her posts, pictures and videos while she is exercising. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the gym but wants to have a stronger, leaner body, then Pilates might be the perfect answer for you. These exercises work out a specific part of your body and challenge every muscle in your body. The best part is that you will see more improvements than only being able to lift 20 pounds more but you feel better and less stressed day after day.

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