What are the key elements for getting into shape? Discipline and consistency

For years, nutrition experts have been warning us of the risks of these fad diets that promise miraculous weight loss in a few weeks. Also, they have told us that they will not work, but are one of the main factors of increased obesity or unexplained weight gain in many people. No matter, if you are just pleasantly plump or on the obese side, you should get professional help before choosing any exercising and diet plan. They can help to establish which one is the best choice for you and your lifestyle; hence giving you needed guidelines to loss weight.

how to reduce the frequency that you eat out

Weight loss should be gradual; reaching your goals over a longer period of time means no rebound effect and relapses. In other words, losing weight little by little but constantly means long-term benefits for keeping that unwanted weight off forever as when compared with quick and drastic weight loos.

An investigation took more than one year to complete and included more than 200 people who each had their own personalized weight loss plan. Dieticians established healthy habits by designing these individually personalized programs that included a wholesome diet and exercise plan. From day one, and then each following week, they would record and make an analysis of the progress made and the weight of each participant. Also, they would take note of any eating habits or behavior patterns that could affect the outcome of the study (compulsive eating, feeling of fullness, appetite regulation…). Those participating in the study could also attend evaluation meetings to see the overall results for more detailed information at six months, one year and two years after the study.

The investigators of this study discovered that the weight loss difference for three weeks’ diets to be less than long-term diets which encouraged consistent weekly weight loss. The end of the program showed the latter to be more effective. However, the participants who quickly lost weight towards the beginning of the program quickly plateaued and showed less weight loss towards the end of the program. This suggested that the main habit changes in the beginning of the weight loss program would predict if the patient would successfully continue to lose weight towards the end of the program. The contrast should be trying to find out in what area the patient is failing to adjust his lifestyle to reach the long-term goal.

Details on how to plan your menu ahead and eating at home, preparing meals on the weekends at home for the busy week ahead and, also, suggestions on how to reduce the frequency that you eat out, can help patients to lose weight by constructing a healthy lifestyle. Simple actions such as those mentioned above can reduce the possibilities of overeating and eating items that promote weight gain.

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