Essential Oils for Meditation

When we meditate we exercise the mind and induce a higher level of consciousness, seeking some benefit and recognizing its content. It is not an exclusive practice of any particular religion or culture, but it can bring a number of benefits both physically and energetically.

It is a healthier way to reduce stress, lower breathing levels and heart rate, stabilize blood pressure, slow aging of the body, bring clarity of thought, expand awareness and can also be a spiritual practice.

There are several different forms of meditation and there are also various possibilities in the use of essential oils in the practice of meditation. Learn how to meditate using aromatherapy, discover, and experiment until you find the right oil for you, or the many properties of some specific oils, which are perfect for meditation:

  • The fragrance of Argan tree essential oil has been used since ancient times as a powerful oil to promote introspection.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is found in many herbal stores to treat breathing difficulties, we recommend using in the room where you are meditating. Eucalyptus it’s also good for the hair.
  • There are quite a few studies reporting the properties of Lavender essential oil, a compound that brings benefits linked to body relaxation and deep meditation.
  • Lemon essential oil helps expanding intuition and facilitate the practice of meditation.
  • In aromatherapy, Jasmine essential oil is used to elevate the conscious level. The fragrance when used for meditation brings peace and opens the door to higher knowledge.
  • Rose essential oil is used as a facilitator in meditation and prayer because it is capable of connecting the Human and the Divine.
  • Orange essential oil is antidepressant and anxiolytic. It helps in cases of discouragement, sadness and melancholy and also prevents depression in the elderly. Rescues the inner child, bringing back the young and happy spirit.

Aromatherapy contributes greatly in the process of introspection, concentration and relaxation during meditation

Aromatic Meditation

Aromatic meditation is an effective way to calm down mind and body and bring awareness to the present moment. The power of aroma has been harnessed for sacred rituals since ancient times. Aromatherapy can change mood, feelings, and influence our psyche. Each of that essential oil contains naturally occurring constituents, which enhance mind, body and spirit in multiple ways during your meditation.

Before beginning your aromatic meditation, seek to connect with your intuition and choose an essential oil from your “kit”, you can also use relaxing aromatherapy candles. Trust yourself and your intuitive feelings. This is the essential oil, which you will be using during this particular aromatic meditation.

Sit in a quiet and peaceful place. Place a few drops of the oil you have chosen on a wooden stick, a piece of fabric or your diffuser. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a minute or so, soothing your mind.
When you feel relaxed, begin to breathe in the fragrance of your oil. Let the aroma penetrates into yourself and watch what happens in your body and in your emotions.

Do not seek to make analyzes or judgments, just live the present moment and get rid of anything troubling your thoughts. The power of the oil will be taking care of you, helping to release what you need and bringing healing power to your physical body and soul.

Do this meditation for about 5 to 10 minutes and rest. We suggest you write down your experiences in your notebook. This meditation can be done as many times as you wish, using the same or another essential oil. As you progress with the practice, you will also develop a better understanding of further benefits from each oil.

Final word

In the daily rush our thoughts are always directed to something else. The fast pace of studies, work, homework, relationship and other activities exhaust not only the 24 hours we have available every day, but also our physical and mental energy.

We do have all the questions and all the answers. The habit of meditating, even a few minutes a day, promotes true miracles in our mind and extends to our bodies. Meditation promotes inner peace and provides a close encounter with that which is the deepest within us all.

Aromatherapy contributes greatly in the process of introspection, concentration and relaxation during meditation. Meditation increases the activity of the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the brain area linked to attention and concentration, prefrontal cortex connected to motor coordination and the hippocampus, which stores memory. It also stimulates the amygdala, which regulates the emotions and, when triggered, accelerates the functioning of the hypothalamus, responsible for relaxation and healing.


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