BesoBesoBeso is a web portal of fashion and beauty, founded in 2011 by Jacqueline.

The bohemian, sassy and effortlessly chic flavor of Jacqueline comes from years of inspiration as an artist. An actress at heart and soul, Jacqueline began to design with the idea of catering to her own personality and eclectic style. Originating as a hobby, Jacqueline’s craft turned into a business when friends, family, and celebrities alike took notice of her singular and discriminating designs, bombarding her with constant requests of custom one-off pieces. As her career, style, and technique evolved, she set to work fashioning ready-to-wear jewelry collections, which culminated in the launch of BesoBeso in Spring of 2011. With business partner and attorney Christian Young at the helm taking care of business direction, Jacqueline set off to explore her creative wit. What resulted was the beginning of BesoBeso’s ready to wear lines. A woman of many individualities, Jacqueline set out to develop lines that would represent her multifaceted persona. Over time, the collections Moss, Bardot, Stevie, and Arm Candy were born.

Moss is the sweet innocent hopeless romantic that will love with all her heart. Bardot charms everyone with her sexy confidence and own-the-room aura. Stevie brings forth the soul of the rebellious, troubled rock star. Arm Candy is 100% fashionista with its myriad of color options and classic simplicity. So whatever your style, go ahead and indulge yourself, or your alter-egos. With BesoBeso you’ll find that she’s one and the same.

BesoBeso is sold at over 100 select high-end boutiques and through our exclusive online store. BesoBeso also has an extensive celebrity following including Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Amber Stevens, Tiffany Thornton, and Selena Gomez as seen in TigerBeat magazine, US Weekly, Life & Style, People, WWD, and dozens of top online fashion blogs.